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Our Business Support

Rates and options

We try our best to provide everything you and your business might need to achieve your goals. Read more about each option to understand which best fits your needs, or contact us to discuss our pricing. Coaching is priced separately.

Hourly retainer

Book us ahead

Do you know how many hours a week would help lighten the load? What would you like to outsource to us? We will allocate our time each week to your business for the support you need. Payable one month in advance. Prices from:

  • 5 hours  - £150 a week

  • 10 hours - £300 a week

  • 20 hours - £600 a week

Email hero

Inbox management

Feel like you are constantly snowed under with an ever growing inbox? Missing out on potential sales or not responding to clients quickly enough? It can be a daily struggle, but with us by your side, that overwhelm is a thing of the past! 

This package includes:

  • Checking emails Mon-Fri, 30 mins twice a day (morning and afternoon)

  • Responding to general emails when possible.

  • Sending holding emails when needed.

  • Organising the inbox with folders for ease of use, so you know what actually needs action. 

  • Deleting the spam.

£200 per week

Ad-hoc hourly

Best flex

Not sure how much time you need us for? We can work on an hourly basis for up to 2 months, to see what level of commitment you require. Rates from £30 per hour.

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